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What is Qommunity Resident?

Qommunity Resident is Asia’s leading condominium application and we are reinventing the way residents live and how property managers manage their condos through innovative design, IoT and mobile technology. With Qommunity Resident, residents need only their smartphone and our mobile application to manage all aspects of their condo living.

Why Qommunity Resident?

The modern conveniences provided through innovation is now a must rather than a need. As our world develops with technological advances and as our society becomes ever more tech-savvy, there is a need to rethink and reimagine future condo living.

Imagine the convenience of booking your facilities or making your maintenance fee payments through your smartphone without the need to call or walking to the management office. Imagine the peace of mind through having your condo’s news and information at your fingertips or never missing out on an important update or event.

Qommunity Resident is there to provide these things. The convenience. The peace of mind. The comforts, security and services that condo residents have grown to love and expect. Enhance the prestige of your condo and redefine condo living with Qommunity Resident.

What does Qommunity Resident provide?

Qommunity Resident condominium portal allows residents to manage their condo living through their smartphones. The application has two distinct sections – one for residents and one for condo managers, both equipped with easy tools that make condo living and management hassle free.

Qommunity Resident provides residents with the following features:

  • Up-to-date condo announcements
  • Facility bookings
  • Online payments of booking and maintenance fees
  • Important alerts and payment reminders
  • A community events calendar
  • Concierge services

For condo managers, Qommunity Resident provides them with the following features:

  • Management Dashboard with alerts and statistics
  • Announcement management and push notifications
  • Tenant and owner management
  • Facility and booking management
  • Payment management
  • Event management

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